25 February 2015

Black History Month 2015 Library Marketing Design Collaterals

Library website banner ads for general theme events (top) and "Outside the Book" event series (bottom).
Each year the Association for the Study of African American Life and History (ASALH) selects a theme for celebrating Black History. Based in Washington, DC, the organization has a website that displays its complete list of annual themes and provides information relating to its organization (see www.asalh.org). When I begin my annual Black History Month project for my library client, the ASALH is my go-to place for determining what the national theme is so I can develop imagery compatible to it. 

For 2015, the national theme was "A Century of Black Life, History, and Culture." The organization provided a single text page to speak on the theme, with the only visual offered being a black/white image of ASALH founder, Carter G. Woodson superimposed onto a parchment background. With this single image serving as a launching pad for my own creative project direction, I set out to develop marketing visuals for my library client to compliment the national theme set by the ASALH. 

Project: Alachua County Library District Black History Month Identity and Promotional Materials.

Brief: Establish a visual identity mark and develop integrated print and digital media marketing collaterals to promote the library's Black History Month events.

Required collaterals (and printed quantities):
General collaterals:
Theme logo, with element variations and in both colour and black/white formats (4)
8.5x11 inch event flyer front/back (400)
Library website banner ad (1)
Library website blog icon (1)
TV broadcast public service announcement (1)
Magazine print ad (1)
Newspaper print ad (1)
Resulting theme identity design.
Small publication print ad (1)
21x28 inch display poster (6)
116x68 inch large format display poster (1)
LIbrary newsletter 8x11 inch page (1)

Black History Month Thinking Out of the Book series events collaterals:
11x8.5 inch sign (10)
17x1 inch sign (10)
Half page handbill (75)
Library website banner ad (1)

Production notes: I already had an image of a parchment background that I could use. What I needed was something to give a little reference to the human component of the identity. I first explored illustration and photographic detail images of skin, however I still felt like I wanted something more recognizable, so I sourced for a face that I could use and finally settled on a purchased stock image I could crop tightly in on. I didn't want viewers to concentrate on a specific person, so I cropped in tightly on the face and reduced the area it took up so that the theme name would be the dominate visual element. 

Although the number "100" was not part of the official title, I added it to the theme identity for more visual impact, as well as to communicate faster and reinforce the words "a century." Typeface used on the identity was Headliner No.45 for a bold and slightly distressed appearance. URWEgyptienneTMed used for the ampersand because one was not included in the Headliner No.45 font family. Headliner No.45 was also used throughout the design collaterals as the display font. Body text used on collaterals was either from the Adobe Arial or Adobe Garamond Pro family set, both standard typefaces that are part of the ACLD corporate identity standards. 

Theme identity development began in October and was presented for review in November. What resulted was a four-item set of theme identity marks that could be used in a variety of ways. Specific collaterals were developed as content was delivered by project stakeholders. 

 Four colour and black/white variations of the identity with and without the background image.
Website blog icon
Left and center: 8.5x11 inch flyer front and back. Right: newsletter page.
TV broadcast public service announcement (PSA).

Half page handbills, and both 11x8.5 and 17x11 inch sign formats all used the same design.

08 January 2015

Library Author Series Integrated Promotional Marketing Design

Above: speaker podium signage helped to reinforce recognition and recall of the program series identity.

Project: Alachua County Library District Author Series Identity and Promotional Materials.

Brief: Establish a visual identity mark and develop integrated print and digital media marketing collaterals to promote the library's newly created speaker engagement series. 

Above: one of the seven 8.5x11 & 21x28 inch author posters.
Required collaterals (and printed quantities):
Series logo, with element variations and formats in both colour and black/white (8)
14x8.5 inch gatefold brochure (2,000)
Library website blog icon (1)
Library website banner ad, 
one per speaker (7)
Newspaper print ad one per speaker (7)
Magazine print ad for entire series (1)
17.5x18.25 inch speaker podium sign (1)
45x45 inch library poster (1) with
one 17x11 inch author poster insert
per speaker (7)

11x17 inch mini-poster (2)
8.5x11 inch mini-posters (40 per speaker)
21x28 inch library poster
(7 each per speaker)
14x8.5 inch author poster inserts (1) 
Two-sided 2.5x8.5 inch bookmarks
(one per speaker, in various quantities 
from 300 printed in-house to 1,250 
printed by vendor)
Public Service Announcement broadcast media ad, one per speaker (7)
Library newsletter cover and two-page layout design (3 pages, 2,750 printed copies)
Library newsletter website blog icon (1) 
Library newsletter cover website image (1)

Top: library one of seven individual author website banner ads. Bottom, left to right: library website author series blog icon, THINK... newsletter cover library website icon, THINK... newsletter library website blog icon.

Above: 45x45 inch poster with 17x11 inch author bio insert.
Top: front and back of 14x8.5 inch gatefold brochure. Middle: THINK... newsletter cover and interior pages. Bottom: magazine print ad, author bio insert (same design for both 17x11 inch and 14.8.5 inch inserts), and front/back of bookmark concept design.
Above: TV broadcast media public service announcement.
Above: one of seven individual author TV broadcast media public service announcements.
Above: all seven bookmark fronts plus common back. Greater emphasis was placed on listing complete book titles over author and book cover photos.

One of seven newspaper print ads.

01 January 2015

Library Newsletter, THINK... Winter 2015 Edition

Newsletter cover.
The library's free, 12-page winter edition of THINK... newsletter arrived in January. The issue covers quarterly news and over 800 scheduled events from January through March. A printed edition of 2,750 copies is delivered not only to all twelve library branch locations but also to select non-library businesses to extend its reach further into the community. Online copies are also available on the library's website at, http://aclib.us/news.  

Development of the newsletter begins with library staff entering their planned quarterly events into the library's electronic calendar system during a 30-day period prior to beginning the editorial production process, which in turn takes an additional 30 days of production prior to delivery of the publication to the public. Printing services are outsourced to a local printer, taking five to seven days before receipt of the printed product back to the design department for separating and shipping different quantities to the 12 district libraries and local businesses.
Library website blog icon.

Events published in the newsletter are the same as seen on the library's website calendar of events. Due to limited space in the newsletter, complete descriptive information about the events are not published, however, those details remain available on the online branch calendars.

TV broadcast public service announcement (PSA).

24 October 2014

Promoting Library Event for Author Myla Goldberg

45x45 inch large format display poster

Quarter-page handbills
Author Myla Goldberg will speak at the Alachua County Library District in Gainesville, Florida on Thursday November 6, 2014.The author provided some good, high resolution images from her website at http://mylagoldberg.com/press.htm for use in creating publicity to promote her event.

The Alachua County Library District and the University of Florida Writers’ Festival are pleased to bring you “An Evening with Myla Goldberg.” Ms. Goldberg will be discussing her work, reading from her books, and taking your questions. She will also sign books at the conclusion of the event.

3.25x4 inch print advertisement
Myla's bestselling writer of The False Friend, Wickett's Remedy, and,Bee Season, which was a New York Times Notable Book for 2000, winner of the Borders New Voices Prize, and a finalist for the Hemingway Foundation/PEN award, the NYPL Young Lions award, and the Barnes & Noble Discover award. It has been adapted to film and widely translated.  In addition to her novels, she has written an essay collection and a children’s book. She writes and teaches in Brooklyn.

Project designs (and deliverables) included:
> 8.5x11inch sign (4)
> Quarter-page handbill (200)
> Website banner advertisement (1)
> 3.25x4 inch newspaper print advertisement (1) 
> 45x45 inch display poster (1)
Library website banner advertisement

8.5x11 inch sign

10 October 2014

Integrated Marketing Design Collaterals for Library Literacy Learning Conference

PowerPoint welcome image.

Event promotional 8.5x11 sign

The Alachua County Library District Literacy Office will host a conference event in Gainesville, Florida. It will be preceded by a breakfast for tutors and students, then open to the public for the rest of the conference.

To help promote the conference to both invited guests as well as the public, a set of promotional collaterals was needed to be designed and printed. A few months earlier, I redesigned an new integrated identity and set of marketing collaterals for the office

( http://librarygraphicdesign.blogspot.com/2014/08/integrated-library-literacy-collateral.html ), so I used these as the basis for designing the conference event collaterals too. Maintaining a consistent use of the design sensibilities created earlier during the redesign helped to further reinforce brand recognition of the ACLD Literacy Office.


Design collaterals (and quantities delivered) for this conference event included:

Breakfast Invitation to learners & tutors in English language (42)
Breakfast Invitation to learners & tutors in Spanish language (10)
Conference Invitation to general public (20+)
E-mail announcement invitation image (1)
4.5x3.5 inch folding invitation schedule insert (62)
4.25x8.5 inch two-sided event program (100)
8.5x11 inch PowerPoint Welcome image (1)
8.5x11 inch PowerPoint Thank You image (1)
8.5x11 inch award certificate (1)
8.5x11 inch promotional sign (520)
22x28 inch promotional poster (10)
Library website banner advertisement (1)

Folding invitation exteriors (printed two-up on 8.5x11 inch card stock then folded and trimmed to size).
Folding invitation interiors (two versions: one for learning teams and one for public.
Invitation insert page.
Program front / back.
Certificate award concept (to be used later in conjunction at year-end event).

PowerPoint thank you image for closing the event.

22 September 2014

Integrated POP Marketing Signage Designed to Raise Literacy Office Awareness, Donations, and to Thank Community

The desire to generate a little fundraising turned into an opportunity to thank the commuity for their support. This design for a 7x5 inch laminated coutertop jug label paved the way.

Vertical banner.
The Alachua County Library District Literacy Office approached me to develop marketing materials that could bring attention to their literacy efforts and to assist in fundraising. The items would be used during book sale events at the local Friends of the Library book house. The initial brief asked me to explore solutions for a free-standing dimensional floor display to promote the Literacy Office, and to design adhesive labels for donation jugs that would be placed on point-of-purchase counter tops to ask for spare change. 

A few months earlier, I had provided design services to rebrand the ACLD Literacy Office, ( http://librarygraphicdesign.blogspot.com/2014/08/integrated-library-literacy-collateral.html ) so I was fortunate to already have established design standards I could use to extend to this project. I also had photos taken from previous book sale events to refer to and used these to assess the book house retail environment space while I generated ideas about presentation opportunities. 

I knew from past experience that the book sale environment was a pretty chaotic place; crowded wall-to-wall with people and book shelving. At the check-out area, a long, stagnate line of customers would often form which would provide a perfect location to get and hold their attention, but sight lines would be blocked from around shoulder height down to the floor. I knew that the best bet for catching people's eyes would have to have visuals be at least waist-height and higher, so I developed and presented an eight foot free-standing floor display concept in the shape of an open book that would require construction with wooden building materials, PVC piping and fabric, or other solutions. I also presented a series of mid- and large-format vinyl wall-mounted and beam-suspended banners that were sure to not be overlooked. To help demonstrate how effective the banners would appear, I photoshoppped the concept banners into the existing event photos for a before-and-after comparison.

Proposed, canceled floor display.
During my on-site visit to the Friends of the Library book house, my floor display concept was presented and well-received, but a second concept was put forth by the Friends that they were willing to explore and construct themselves: a stack of books piled up neatly, high enough to become a waist-high cube of books. The top surface could be then used to set up additional books and marketing materials. We all thought it a plausible idea and encouraged Friends of the Library volunteers to develop that. A large, two-sided sandwich board was also  offered at that time to use for additional marketing, so I added that to my list of banners to design for and during subsequent meetings presented concepts that utilized the banner design styling.

Before-and-after proposed banner solutions.
After all the initial concept and design production was completed, a vendor quote for producing the vinyl banners was acquired then presented for client approval. Unfortunately, financing for vendor-provided materials became an issue for the library, so I was asked to print and laminate as many of the smaller items in-house as I could for use at the event. Despite not using the largest, most prominent banners, the remaining smaller scale banners and donation jug labels were still beneficial for raising Literacy Office awareness and advocating for additional funding.

Left: available sandwich board. Middle two: concept sign designs for sandwich board use. Right: diagram indicating areas needed to cut out so that existing hooks on sandwich board could slide through

Projects designed (and delivered or canceled):

138x36 inch Banner / Literacy Office (canceled after development)
138x36 inch Banner / FOL (canceled after development)
138x36 inch Banner / ACLD (canceled after development)
20x40 Literacy Office Banner, Laminated and Mounted on Foam Core Board (2)
29x40 inch Sandwich Board Literacy Office Sign (1)
29x40 inch Sandwich Board Friends of the Library Sign (1)
7x5 inch Laminated Literacy Office Donation Jug Labels (14)

Three 138x36 inch vinyl banners not fabricated for use after design development.